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Divorce Mediation
Because you’re still a family

The Sane Alternative to Contentious Litigation

What Is Mediation?

While mediation is simple to understand, it’s sometimes difficult to explain. When asked, most will say that mediation is an alternative to the traditional dispute resolution model of litigation – and that’s true; but mediation is more than that. Mediation is an environment of trust. It’s an opportunity to sit and discuss important issues in a neutral, non-hostile atmosphere; it’s an opportunity for you to express yourself in a safe controlled environment; the structure of that environment finds its roots in the time honored tradition of the village elder, family counselor and religious advisor; recognized neutrals who’s interests are to guide you through the minefields of family disputes and facilitate peaceful and respectful resolution of your differences.

That structured environment, and the mediation process itself, provides the greatest opportunity for peaceful resolution and future growth. As mediation is self-determinative (as well as confidential and voluntary) it is best suited to family and divorce law because no one is in a better position to determine what’s right for your family - than you - not attorneys, judges, nor disinterested third parties. It is acknowledged that divorce by litigation places a heavy toll upon the family; that divorce by litigation serves to further fracture an already fractured relationship making it more difficult, if not impossible, for you to continue, after divorce, to relate to each other as “mom and dad”, rather than angry ex-spouses. Although you may be parting as husband and wife, you remain mom and dad. Having children is a lifelong commitment because we share a common bond with our children – the future. Whatever the age of your children there will always be another family function that will require you to come together as a family, how you you divorce will determine whether you enjoy those events as a family or as bitter adversaries.

That’s what mediation is (at least in part). The reason that mediation is important is because when all is said and done, you’re still a family, you’re still mom and dad, and God willing, will be for a very long time to come.

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